Büng Pop

Assist babies in learning

Grasping and Swallowing Skills

Solid food for babies 5 to 6 months old.

Babies at this stage can move their tongue back and forth to push deeper into their oral cavities and swallow the food.
Bung Pop series easily dissolves into babies’ mouth through babies’ saliva. It can easily be swallowed without chewing.
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Pediatrician’s Advice

Babies should be Introduced to softer solid food with ingredients that do not trigger allergies, such as rice products.

Easily Dissolves in Mouth

With grain ripening technology that creates suitable textures for babies with growing teeth.

Shaped to be Easily Grasped by Baby Hands

Bung Pop is designed to help babies’ grasp and let babies practice swallowing skills.

Simple Packaging Design

Following the dotted lines, an opening at the bottom of the packaging makes Bung Pop very convenient to eat.