Explorers Rice Cracker

Assist babies

In the stage of chewing

Solid food for babies 7 to 8 months old.

Babies usually start growing teeth in this stage, hence they like biting onto things and chewing food.
Little explorers’ series can help babies practice their tongue movements and chewing skills by using their gums.

Chunky Round Design

Helps babies with growing teeth to practice biting lightly and chew.

10mm Thickness

Referencing solid teeth thickness and the size of babies’ open mouth, we find this is the best thickness for easy biting.

Food-Grade Aluminum Zip Lock Bag

We use high quality, food grade aluminum bags to preserve freshness; the zip lock design ensures the opening is sealed completely, preventing humidification.

Promotes Creativity, Exploring Unlimited Tastes

Can be eaten directly, paired with natural fruit jams, matched with milk, or add hot water to make congee.