Star Puffs

Assist babies

In hands-eye coordination

Solid food for babies 6 to 7 months old.

Babies at this stage can move their tongues back and forth, up and down; they know how to use their tongues and upper jaws to mash and grind food.
Our mini star puff series have the correct size for babies to ingest and easily use their tongues to mash and swallow food.


At this stage, babies can move control their tongue movements and start chewing; bite-sized puffs are convenient for chewing and swallowing.

Convenient Four-Pack Bundle

Four individual packs are bundled together for easy tear-off and convenient transport. Makes sharing fun during get together!

Trains Finger Dexterity

Star-shaped puffs are not only cute, but they help train babies’ finger dexterity in grasping.

Replenish Babies’ Vitamin and Mineral Needs.